Buying Great Rock Press Books


You can buy signed copies of A Home on Wilder Shores, A Weave of Old and New, and Whence These Special Places? at their respective cover prices (with domestic shipping included) from the <Shop> page.

They are also available through a number of retail outlets:

A Home on Wilder Shores and A Weave of Old and New can be bought from booksellers everywhere, typically by special order.

Home is available in e-book format on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and through the websites of many independent booksellers.  Weave will also be available as an e-book in early July.

Whence These Special Places?: If you prefer to get it sooner, or to see it and feel it before buying, or you just like the personal touch of a live store, please visit one of the retailers shown below.


Highland Hiker

Zoller Hardware



Highland Hiker

Highlands Nature Center

Lake Toxaway

 Historic Toxaway Market



     Brevard                  Sylva

    Highland Books            City Lights Bookstore




























Highland Books                     City Lights Bookstore